Our Schools

Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. and his wife, Wababili Feza, have a vision for building communities of Jesus-followers who are flourishing and contributing members of their communities. Offering a Christ-centered education for all children is the first step in making this vision a reality. 

In the Democratic Republic of Congo opportunities for children to be educated are limited to only the most populated cities. Parents in the remote areas of eastern DRC had no hope of providing their children with an education until International Berean Ministries began opening new schools in the early 2000s. Now, the results of this investment in the future are being realized as graduating students are returning to their home schools as professional educators.

Our Two Schools

Complex Scolaire Amani
City of Bukavu within the province of South Kivu
This K-12 school was established in 2002 and enrolls 450+ students. The school consistently boasts high graduation rates when their students take the national examinations.
Union Academique de Kitindi
Village of Kitindi within the province of South Kivu
Established in 2004 this school’s enrollment reached 500 students by its second year. The school graduated its first class in the summer of 2010 and is now known as one of the highest-achieving schools in the region. 

Sponsoring a student
The cost for educating one of our students each year is $1080; just $90 per month. This covers books, materials, 1 meal per day, and a share of the expenses associated with running our facilities and paying our staff. Would you consider making a monthly donation of $45 for a shared sponsorship of one of our students? Or perhaps $90 to cover the costs of one student? 

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Plans for growth
IBM has plans to expand the campus of Union Academique de Kitindi. Phase 1 calls for building a Christian Leadership & Pastoral Training Center (link to Churches page for more detail). Phase 2 will add 10 additional classrooms, a school library, and a school office and fully furnish and equip those spaces. Phase 3 will add playing fields for volleyball, basketball, and soccer and expand our Center for Human Flourishing (link there). Finally, Phase 4 will build housing for students and staff housing, along with designated spaces for agricultural, masonry and carpentry programs. More staff housing may be added if the need arises.

Download a campus map and more details about our expansion plans. Consider a financial gift to support the future of IBM; your gift can be directed specifically to the expansion project.

The campus map to Union Academique de Kitindi

Continuing education for our teachers
IBM facilitates annual training for our teachers from our two schools each summer. Together they review teaching techniques, classroom discipline, and lesson planning. The schools also host their own training sessions in the 2 weeks before each school year begins.