Our Mission

International Berean Ministries uses evangelism and Bible based strategies to empower and to meet the holistic needs of the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  

Early years

Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. was born and raised in small village in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. His father was a deacon in the region's Catholic Church. Kalumbula's education was supported by the Catholic priests who were impressed with his school performance. His education was interrupted due to the unrest in the years following the country's independence in 1960. United Nations troops arrived in 1966 to help establish peace and as a young adult Kalumbula worked with a non-governmental agency to distribute food and clothing and to assist with the internally displaced people within the Belgium Congo.


 In 1968 Kalumbula worked with the Catholic Bishop in his birth region to establish a school that he then led until 1978. 1968 was also the year he met and married his wife, Wababili. In 1969 they hosted the itinerant evangelist pastor Ayubi Mupenda who led rev. Kalumbula and and Wababili to accept Christ as their personal savior.

1972 to 1975

Attended and graduated from the Bible Institute at the mission station in Kama. This training prepared him to be efficient in ministry activities such as: Sunday school teaching, translation of biblical materials from French into Kiswahili, in high school chaplaincy, and helping missionary wives with women's ministries. In the years following he also prepared for the national examination in order to be able to attend university.


Began attending university in Bukavu. Thanks to several sponsors, he was able to attend Grace Bible College in the United States.


Graduated with a bachelor's of theology from Grace Bible College and a master's in religious education from Grand Rapids Baptist Theological Seminary.


Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. completes his theological training in the United States and returns home. Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. and his wife Wababili returned to his native country where he began outreach in the cities of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo and the neighboring city of Cyangugu, Rwanda.


Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. concentrated his efforts in Rwanda on street evangelism and building relationships. As people came to know Christ as their personal Savior they requested Sunday meetings. A church was established in the hills of Murangi in May and by December there were 80 regular attenders.


Rwandan genocide almost completely halts ministry work. With the deaths of several church members and the closure of the country the newly established church dies.


Ministry efforts shift to focus on believers in Bukavu, DRC with an emphasis on establishing home Bible studies. In November, the home-based Bible studies organized into an official non-profit organization Communaute des Eglises Bibliques Independantes en Afrique (Community of Independent Bible Churches in Africa). Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. serves as its leader.


Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. returns to the United States to legalize his U.S. permanent residency. During his stay he connects with old friends and shares stories of the ministry work being done through the Community of Independent Bible Churches in Africa. One of the friends, David Terpstra, has a particular interest in the area as his brother served as a missionary there. In March of that year Terpstra and Kalumbula co-found International Berean Ministries with the purpose of reaching residents of the Democratic Republic of Congo with the love of Christ. Mr. Terpstra serves as the first executive director of the ministry. In July, the Kalumbulas returned to the DRC with Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. serving as the Field Director of this newly founded mission.

As a “successful son of Kitindi,” Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. is in a unique position to lead a healthy and successful ministry there. Local leaders and residents consider him a “very important person,” because he left the village to receive an education and then returned to help his own people. Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. is seen as a highly respected, trusted, and wise person who makes good decisions. Because Rev. Kalambula, Sr. is a native of the DRC he is uniquely suited for ministry work there. His relationships with village and tribal chiefs are indispensable.


Complex Scolaire Amani established in city of Bukavu (K-12 school)


Union Academique de Kitindi established in village of Kitindi (K-12 school)


Rev. Kalumbula, Sr. completed a Masters of Science in Leadership and Management from Cornerstone University and became a US citizen. Leadership transitions with Dr. and Rev. Kalumbula, Jr. taking over David Terpstra’s role as executive director.


The Kitindi Christian Leadership and Pastoral Training Center is established thanks to generous donations from our supporters. A guesthouse was constructed to house visiting instructors who travel to Kitindi to teach local pastors and lay leaders Biblical and leadership principles as well as economic development skills including agricultural techniques, animal husbandry, and carpentry.


The first class of 25 adult students graduate from The Kitindi Christian Leadership and Pastoral Training Center.


Due to the increased need for economic development skills The Kitindi Christian Leadership and Pastoral Training Center is reorganized and renamed the Center for Human Flourishing.