Our Churches

International Berean Ministries believes pastors and leaders should be trained and equipped to lead healthy churches and plant new ones. Through its training and mentoring program, IBM has helped plant over 30 churches in and around Kitindi.

Our church leaders have varying levels of education. We work to provide each leader with the training and support he needs, whether that be completing his education or providing refresher courses.

As the gospel reaches individual villages and towns, people who accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior are eager to begin a church in their own village or town. Due to the distance between these locales believers are unable to travel to other established churches. Therefore, Christians in each locale gather together and create their own. Our churches have between 40-80 members each. In addition to Sunday worship, some churches provide various sports ministries as an outreach for children and youth. Some churches have also begun to provide Community Bible Study programs.