Center for Human Flourishing

In 2008, IBM formally established The Kitindi Christian Leadership and Pastoral Training Center with generous funding from some friends of the ministry. A guesthouse was constructed to house visiting instructors who travel to Kitindi to teach local pastors and lay leaders Biblical and leadership principles. Economic development was also included in the training. Participants learned agricultural techniques, animal husbandry, and carpentry skills. Many trainees travel great distances to be a part of the Training Center activities and are hosted by local churches. 

In 2019, the Training Center was renamed The Center for Human Flourishing to better encompass its two-fold approach to education: leadership and pastoral skills and economic development skills. Today the Center continues to teach pastors and leaders for their roles but also other adult students interested in gaining skills in agriculture, animal husbandry, carpentry, and masonry. In this way, adults can provide for their families and improve the lives of their neighbors.

Updates are planned to expand The Center for Human Flourishing. Space on the campus of Union Academique de Kitindi has been set aside for a building designed to house 12 students, 2 visiting professors, and a director in addition to a learning center, a study room, and a kitchen and dining room. 

We also plan to expand the agriculture and animal husbandry programs using curriculum developed by Foundations For Farming and our own trainers. We plan to house a herd of goats, sheep, and a flock of chickens on our campus.

Download a campus map and more details about our expansion plans! Consider a financial gift to support the future of IBM; your gift can be directed specifically to the expansion project.

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